Friday, June 18, 2010

Every Last Cuckoo by Kate Maloy Book Review

As I sit here to write my review about Every Last Cuckoo, I have one question. How did this book manage to sit on my shelf for so long? Look at how gorgeous the cover is. Based on the cover alone, I should have pulled it off my shelf months ago. It probably sat on my shelf for about 7 months. Which I suppose is not that long. I own books that have been sitting for years unmoved. Unbelievable I know.

When you look at the cover what does it say to you. Home, comfort, a little eclectic. It almost reminds me of walking into an Anthropologie store. Not neat and organized like Crate and Barrel but fun and whimsical.

I read Every Last Cuckoo in May and really wanted to post my review for Mother's Day. The story line is beautiful. From the beginning of the book I was pulled into Sarah's life. This is not a story about mother's and the relationship they share with their daughters. It is a story about Sarah a widowed seventy-five year old grandmother, her life and her family. I loved the family scenes that were described in the book. Perhaps because author Malloy describes the family scenes that I have always wanted to be part of it, but never will. A large family gathered around the table. Evenings spent sitting around the fireplace with relatives and friends coming and going.

What I truly enjoyed about Maloy's writing and her book, is her ability to describe the characters and the scenes both so that I could envision them and I wanted to be part of the scene. Sarah lives on a plot of land adjacent to a forest in Vermont. A large part of the book, occurs during the Vermont winter. I have no desire to visit Vermont in the winter, I grew up in the snow. Maloy's writing about the walks Sarah and Charles her late husband took through the snow had me wishing I was outside trudging along in the snow.

"At last a late January thaw broke the hold of the bitterest winter. The temperature climbed almost sixty degrees on that first morning, from twenty-five below overnight to freezing by noon. Thirty felt tropical, and Charles went out hatless in the sun, grinning at Sarah as if the two of them had not spent those past weeks as edgy as two knives in a drawer. The dogs followed as Charles set off on a short walk into the woods. They leapt and ran in the the sun and grinner like Charles, like Sarah as she answered his eagerness with her own".

While the sun is high in the sky until the late evening hours, grab yourself a cup of tea, stretch out on a lawn chair and make yourself cozy to truly enjoy this book.


Pam said...

Adding this to my list!

vicki said...

I say this all the time- I love your reviews!!! I am off to purchaase this book for my kindle! Your blog is my go to spot for books that I know I will love! Your blog is absolutely one of my favorites - and I love your precious kitties too!


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Great review. This one sounds fabulous! One more to add to my list.

vicki said...

Oh yes sweet Esme - I wouldlove the book! I will pass it on to our local library. They just formed this year and are desperate for book donations. I can't find your email address. Please email me - my addresss is on the sidebar of my blog (for my address exchange.)


stacybuckeye said...

This cover calls my name every time I see it on a shelf or blog. I am trying to read the books on my shelf, but I think I need a book from Vermont for the States challenge so I have to pick this one up, right? ;)

food for thought said...

i have had this on my shelf forever, thanks to your review i think it needs to be dusted off~

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