Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eating our Way Through Florida

Have you ever had a friend, that surprised you with something wonderful? I have, and it was wonderful. VIcki, from 2 Bags Full, did. Vicki has a condo in Satellite Beach, Florida. A few weeks ago she contacted me and asked me if I wanted to use her condo. Hmm, beach, warm weather, condo on the beach, listening to the waves as I fell asleep. Off to Florida we went.

Vicki is the quintessential beach girl. All her crafts reflect the beach. Look at these beautiful seashore bird nests she makes. Have you ever seen anything so pretty? Each nest represents her creativity. For the past week, I have been at Vicki's condo in Florida. Let me tell you it was heavenly.

Each morning I would start the day with a walk on the beach and a swim in the ocean. Nice soft sand and warm ocean waves. After that we did plenty of site seeing and eating. I do not usually think of Florida as a place to go and eat. Bring out your forks and knives.

In addition to the selection of restaurants that Vicki suggested, we were fortunate to have gone to Epcot while they had their International Wine and Food Festival. In addition to the regular countries that had displays there were visiting countries. Each country gave you a sampling of their food. My beloved France was their, with escargot, croissants and apple tart. We ate and ate and ate.

Another night we visited Emeril's restaurant. One day for lunch we went to a cheese shop. Everything on the menu was served with cheese. Cheese in the sandwiches, cheese on your salads. Of course in Miami, we enjoyed Cuban foods, Argentinian empanadas and desserts filled with dulce de leche.

One of my favorite bakeries from France, Paul was in Miami. We ended up chatting with the manager and being treated to a sampling of his desserts. Macarons, chocolate with pralines, and a strawberry dessert that was so light and delicate yet evoked the sweetest scent of strawberries.

The food was truly incredible. To wash it all done, we enjoyed, white and red sangria. This was truly a wonderful week. Later in the week I will share more photos.

All good things must come to an end and regrettably I have returned home with the flu. So here I sit in bed typing away. I cannot talk to much more about food given the way I feel, but there will be photos.

As I said to my husband, everywhere we go, we manage to find the food.


food for thought said...

i am sorry you are sick... but i love fl and it makes me smile all the fun things you got to enjoy spur of the moment. i hope you mend up fast and can share loads more pics, let us holiday thru you please :)

Brian said...

Oh no, I'm sorry the flu got you and I hope you feel better really soon. It sure sounds like quite the fun trip and lots of good eats!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Oh bummer you are sick but man what a fun trip! The birds nests are so adorable - I would love to know how she does that - I have to come up with a craft project for a girls weekend in November!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Wow, that sounds like such a great trip! The food sounds amazing - an entire store where everything is served with cheese? Sign me up!

I've been battling a cold myself, which is gross. I hope you feel better soon!

vicki said...

Well surprise - surprise~~~

we do the same thing my friend - we eat our way through all of our trips! We are so excited about the food that we take pictures of our dinners - how silly is that!

Hate that you are sick - me too - we can whine together~~

(my nest looks pretty cute on your blog!) Think I will take one to the condo~

feel better~~


Old Kitty said...

Your posts always, always, ALWAYS!! make me feel ravenous for good comforting and fabulous food!! :-)

And this is no exception! Guess the added beach scenery and condo living just adds resonance to the amazing variety of dishes you sampled.

I am so glad you had a wonderful break! Oh but returning with the flu is not good! :-(

Please take care and rest!!! I hope you feel better soon.

That bird's nest is fabulous!!! What talent!!

Take care

Amy said...

Esme, how wonderful for you! What a thoughtful friend Vicki is! I'm happy you were able to accept her offer & get away for a bit, it sounds like a wonderful break!

Did you know your favorite bakery in France had a shop in Florida? Yummy treats!

And you were there when Epcot had it's Intnl Festival! Perfect! Sun, beaches & great food, sounds like my kind of vacation!

~ Amy

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I somehow missed your Florida posts. Glad you enjoyed your time there. I recently moved to St. Augustine. FL and have discovered food as good or sometimes better than I experienced in NYC. Sorry to hear you got the flu. I hope you are fully recovered by now!

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