Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hints of Green at Angelinas in Paris

La Maison Angelina is one of my favourite tea salons in Paris. Located on Rue Rivoli it is across the street for the Jardins Tuileries, home to the O'rsay and Louvre museums. I am a huge fan of high tea. There is something very dainty and ladylike about sitting down around 4 pm for a pot of tea and pastry. Okay, I am just a huge fan of tea and pastries.

During my last visit to Paris, Fashion Week was in full swing. There were many colorful outfits to be seen on the streets of Paris. As a tribute to Fashion Week, Angelina had mannequins in their lobby dressed in the latest Parisian fashion. There was also a palette of macarons displaying this seasons colors. I must tell you that I wanted a photo of me next to this mannequin. Somehow I tripped banged into the mannequin and started tipping the mannequin over. Quel diasaster. Can you imagine? Fortunately I caught it in time and was able to ready it before anyone noticed my faux pas. But enough about that. Do you want to see what I enjoyed on that sunny afternoon?

Normally I am not a fan of green tea desserts. No real reason, it is just not something that calls my name. On this particular afternoon it was about 87 degrees outside. I wanted a fruity dessert. Something light and refreshing. The original dessert that I was after was finished for the day. My gracious server walked with me to the pastry counter and suggested the green tea with raspberry dessert. He assured me it was perfect for a warm afternoon. Very light, yet full of flavour. The cake was so light, with just a hint of green tea. The raspberries...just bursting with flavour.

It was the perfect ending to an afternoon before pedaling along the Seine back to my hotel. If you can see my shoes even they were green.

I would never tire of this view, if it was my ride home every afternoon.

This is my contribution for Weekend Cooking at Beth Fish Reads.


Steve Finnell said...

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Kris said...

That dessert looks deLish...almost to pretty to eat! Gorgeous photos and that is a lovely picture of you on your bike!

Don't worry about not knowing who Dom DeLuise is, he is dead now and probably before your time! HA He does know how to cook though!

Libby Rodriguez said...

Hi Esme! I don't know where to start - the pastry, the outfit, the view...heck...even your BIKE is cool ;)

Old Kitty said...

Green Tea Raspberry Dessert. Who would have thought I'd be salivating after such a thing! Oh it's too yummy for words!

I'm so glad you were dressed for the weather and not in the ones the mannequins are wearing! Yay!! LOL!

What a fantastic trip, thank you! Take care

Beth F said...

Sounds like heaven. Truly. I adore tea and pastries in the afternoon and in Paris during fashion week with a bike ride to a favorite shop? Heaven indeed. Laughed at your "Quel diasaster" -- glad you saved the day.

Elizabeth said...

I went to Angelina's when I was living in Paris. While I loved the desserts, the hot chocolate was just a bit too much for me after a couple of sips. I hear you about the green tea desserts, not my favorite, but if the French get a hold of it, I'm sure they turn it into something magical tasting :)

I never got tired of that view!!!!

Lisa said...

I hope one day we get to have high tea together! I love it too!

So glad you saved face and didn't let the mannequin win. Have a great week Esme! : )

vicki said...

Beautiful photos Esme-- you look fabulous on your bike! How I'd love to have High Tea and enjoy that lovely dessert! Your photos tell an incredible story-- one Id love to live!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I love your Paris posts! You look great on that cool bike. I love tea as well. I like my cup of coffee in the morning but after that it's all tea. Something very relaxing for me.

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