Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cruising Altitude by Heather Poole Review

If there was an award for bad bloggers I think that I may be the number one runner up. My blog posts the last month have been scattered at best. Not that I do not want to post and not that I have not had a lot to say. I have. It is just that by the time the evening is mine all I want to do is crawl into bed. This year I am the number one contender for colds and ear infections. Am I 5 all over again? Who knows. Every time I think I am healthy I get hit again. The last cold I had I could not decide if it was from my client or my husband. Does it really make a difference who it is from?

Thank you to William Morrow Publishing for providing me with a copy to review.

Poole's book, Cruising Attitude was devoured in a few sessions in bed. I loved it. First off, it is a memoir, which I am a huge fan of. Second it was hysterical, the type of funny where I insisted on reading passages to my husband and thirdly I always wanted to be a flight attendant.

When I was twelve I had three career choices, flight attendant, astronaut or attorney. I was too short to be a flight attendant; yes at twelve I sent away for the applications. I had huge aspirations of flying around the world. If I could not be a flight attendant why not enjoy the stories one has to tell.

Poole tells all there is to tell about being a flight attendant. She tells us about working for a 1/2 star airline to flight school with a real airline to the excitement of putting on her uniform for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed her insider's peek into what strangers do when confined to an uncomfortable seat for a few hours. Poole tells all. There are stories about sneering pilots, tales about avuncular ones, scary tales about a landlord who needed to pretend he was married to Poole and tales about sharing a crashpad with many other attendants. My favourite story was about the stunts pilots pull for passengers who do not understand the concept of not getting out of your seat until the plane stops and is at the gate.

For anyone who is interested in what it takes to be a flight attendant this is a great insight into the job. By the end of the book part of me had me wanting to fill out an application and part of me was happy I was too short.

I thought that Poole did a great job with this book. It was both informative and funny.


Old Kitty said...

Hope you get better soon!! These colds and viruses are so not nice but oh so persistent! :-(

I always wanted to be a flight attendant too (well an "air hostess"!) but yep - too short!! LOL!

Thanks for the review of this fun book - glad it helped you through your illness - nothing like laughter as medication! Take care

Harvee said...

I think Heather is writing a follow up book to this one. Watch out for it! I am!

Harvee said...

Esme, my doggie icon is a pix of Harvey, who spent 14 years with us before passing on. He's still my muse :)

Marie said...

We all have our "downtimes." I hope you're feeling better. Take it easy!

Ingrid King said...

This sounds like a fun read - it's definitely going on my TBR list.

I hope you feel better!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Sounds like a super fun read! Thanks for the review. And I hope you feel 100% better soon!

vicki said...

Oh my - this would definately be a fun read!! I can only imagine the stories that could be told. When you work with the public- its best to just assume that you have NOT seen it all--- believe me- I know!

Anonymous said...

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